“Where a number is worth more than 1,000 words.”

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The Mission

Proxy Score’s mission is to help people, who are often forgotten, by providing a platform where members can build their life’s legacy and purpose through publishing and documenting their service and generosity.

Social Credit Score

Much like how a credit score works members can post acts of service to add points to their Proxy service score. This simple yet innovative company will help combat our addiction to electronics and social media by encouraging members to think of others.

You as a Business Owner Can Help

Documenting and scoring members services isn’t the only benefit of Proxy Score. Our business partners can advertise with Proxy Score by making a business profile that will motivate our members to make a difference in the community. Example, by giving discounts to Proxy Score members with high scores much like how the senior citizen and military discounts work. Businesses can also use Proxy Score for job applicants to help with character identification other than relying solely on an outdated 1-page resume.

Non-profits can also use Proxy Score to recruit volunteers and bring more light to their mission.

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Social Statistics

2009-2015 Girl Hospitalization of Non-fatal Self-harm

Ages 15-19
Ages 20-24
Ages 10-14


More Males

2009-2016 Anxiety & Depression

Female Suicide

Top 5 Healthy Ways To Get Out Of Depression.

  • Look after yourself
  • Practice self-care
  • Keep Active
  • Challenge your low mood
  • Connect with people

Marketing Ideas

  • Discount for high Proxy Scores

  • Advertise that you are a Proxy Score member to support people who serve the community and fight against depression and suicide.

Come be a part of the grounding movement of Proxy and help us help others find their happiness.